My name is Matjaž Jurečič, and I am the solution for all your web problems.


I am a software engineer with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and 15+ years of professional software engineering experience and I am looking for a new challenge.


  • Ethereum MEV Relay

    Custom MEV Relay that is a mediator between block producers and block builders.

  • Ethereum MEV

    Developed services and set infrastructure for an MEV solution.

  • eCommerce NFT

    eCommerce application that connects your crypto wallet to your eCommerce store and makes it possible to create your own NFT marketplace.

  • ESG Platform

    Digital platform for ESG data management, disclosures and analytics.

  • Merchant Payment Platform

    Full payment platform for merchants.

  • Advertisers Platform

    Advertiser Platform is used to add, edit, and manage your applications, campaigns, and creatives, as well as to view detailed campaign and creative reporting.

  • Universal Preview Tool

    A plugin which allows advertisers to view, interact and test their creatives before publishing them to the network.

  • Dynamic Ads

    Dynamic ads make it possible to develop rich creatives that can be scaled and optimized to run across a range of platforms, devices and formats.

  • MRAID Bridge

    MRAID is a standard set by the IAB to mitigate advertisers headaches of in-app advertising for mobile devices running on different platforms.

  • eCommerce Admin

    Administrator tool used to control promotions that are then represented in eCommerce Shop.

  • eCommerce Shop

    eCommerce shop used by multiple wholesale food distributors around the globe.

  • Automatic Testing Software

    OpenAPI automatic testing software, used by Fortune 500 company.

  • Marketing campaign CMS

    CMS built for a Fortune 500 company which implements a vast majority of processes required for running digital marketing campaigns most efficiently.

  • Analytics Dashboard

    Built to explore and evaluate vast amounts of data used by Fortune 500 company.

  • IPTV Interface

    TV user interface, which is a visually appealing and user-friendly GUI, suitable for modern and stylish TV subscribers.

  • Theme Editor

    Theme editor used for prompt and easy customization in the hands of TV operators.

  • App Store

    TV operators are able to offer attractive free or payable TV widgets to end-users. It is an effective way for operators to increase their revenue.

  • Social media IPTV

    Subscribers can stay connected through social media even when enjoying interactive TV.

  • IPTV Platform

    An interactive TV Platform that serves different TV service types.