My name is Matjaž Jurečič, and I am the solution for all your web problems.


Premium full-stack developers are a rare breed and I pride myself on being one. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, 10+ years of professional experience as a developer and extensive knowledge of most web used programming languages and tools. If you are looking for someone to build a PWA with highly optimized UI, node back-end that can serve and run thousands of requests at once or you just have a unique idea, don't hesitate to contact me as I love a good challenge.


  • BidOne Ltd

    • Increased security and simplified browser support of two main applications by introducing proxy, so there were no longer problems with CORS.
    • Reimplemented a new admin application with Angular 2+, Bootstrap and CoreUI.
    • Automated language support so there was no more manual work copying and adding already present translation keys.
    • Presented an optimized way of developing custom elements and views on their current solution thus simplifying the process, which led to increasing the number of resolved features by almost 39% in two weeks.

  • Next Tuesday GmbH

    • Lead front-end developer, software architect and assisted with back-end architecture on three projects used by Fortune 500 clients.
    • Created custom elements that were used in other projects through the company.
    • Developed, delivered and maintained a testing tool that tested thousands of campaigns and decreased the number of corrupt campaigns by 86% in the first month.
    • Collaborated with designers and project managers to create an analytics application with custom charts and complex filters that optimized placement viewability by more than 50% and increased campaign conversion rates by 82%.
    • Joined client meetings to learn more about the development of the project scope.

  • Beenius d.o.o.

    • Specialized in development of IPTV interfaces.
    • Introduced a template that decreased the time of developing a new theme from 2-3 weeks to 2-4 days.
    • Mayor contributor to developing internal SDK which allowed outside companies and individuals to join and share their applications on BeeStore.
    • One of the two developers that developed a node-webkit application with which clients could create, modify and publish their themes on BeeStore within 1 hour.
    • Created SDK Applications that are published on BeeStore and used by thousands of IPTV customers.
    • Worked closely with STB providers on LPVR and OTT.

  • Beenius d.o.o.

    • Responsible for testing and reporting bugs on Flash IPTV Interfaces.
    • One of the first in the world that used ekioh browser with SVG as an alternative to Opera browsers with Flash on STB, which at the end speed up the application by 40%.
    • Employed mastery of front-end languages (JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SVG) in collaboration with in-house senior front-end developer.

Technology Summary

    • Javascript (ES5,ES6)
    • Typescript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • SVG
    • Vue
    • Angular 1
    • Angular 2+
    • Backbone
    • jQuery
    • Milligram
    • Bootstrap
    • Material
    • Sass
    • Less
    • Stylus
    • Webpack
    • Gulp
    • Grunt
    • Maven
    • D3
    • Plottable
    • DxCharts
    • MongoDB
    • LevelDB
    • PostgreSQL
    • NodeJS
    • ExpressJS
    • GraphQL
    • Unit
    • e2e
    • AB
    • PhantomJS
    • node-webkit
    • Puppeteer
    • Jasmin
    • Mocha
    • Karma
    • Protractor
    • Git
    • SVN
    • CVS
    • Docker
    • Vagrant
    • Illustrator
    • Photoshop


  • BidOne Admin

    Administrator tool closely connected with MyBidfood Shop. Users can create, modify, delete and list promotions that are displayed inside the shop. It also provides a user all the necessary tools that an admin would need, like enabling a feature or a making a core GUI change to the shop.

  • MyBidfood Shop

    eCommerce website used by multiple wholesale food distributors around the globe. It provides a customer the tool to create, track and if necessary change an order. The look and feel of the website can be unique for every customer and also website supports custom features for each individual customer.

  • Guardian

    Tool, used by Fortune 500 Client can test thousands of websites in minutes with quite limited hardware. With Guardian you can run functional tests, end2end tests, monitor network, catch Javascript exceptions, capture screen and all of these can be automated with simple calls to its API. It also provides an API to gather data for an analytics application.

  • AD Management System

    The AD Management System built for a Fortune 500 Client implements a vast majority of processes required for running digital marketing campaigns most efficiently. From initial development of creatives, approval processes, up to actual targeting and trafficking of online graphical impressions.

  • admetrics

    Built to explore and evaluate vast amounts of data, Admetrics Dashboard enables advertisers to gain actionable insights into campaign performance, retrospectively or in real-time. The analytics data is accessible in a convenient web-app as pivot tables or displayed as infographical charts. Users can browse, group, search and dynamically filter the data, and of course export data sets or specific dashboard views in order to share them with internal and external partners.

  • Chameleon

    Chameleon, the newly designed user interface, which is a visually appealing and user-friendly GUI, suitable for modern and stylish TV subscribers. In addition to improved look and feel Chameleon introduces the new admin functionality BeeTheme Editor for prompt and easy customization in the hands of TV operators. Just as a chameleon in nature changes its appearance, Beesmart’s Chameleon enables you to change appearances on a Linux Ekioh STB through the new easy admin customization of colors, fonts, icons, and pictures. You can now make your own flavor!

  • BeeStore

    BeeStore Operators are able to offer attractive free or payable TV widgets to end-users. It is an effective way for operators to increase their revenue.

  • BeeSocial TV

    Subscribers can stay connected even when enjoying interactive TV. They are able to share on social networks (Facebook and Twitter) that they’re watching a particular show, as well as chat and tweet about a current show directly from their tablets. The features increase user satisfaction, boost loyalty to the operator and reduce churn rates. Operators benefit from additional possibilities to advertise their service (i.e. discreet ads in posts and tweets) and from a supplementary promotion of payable show-related services and products (VOD content, content-related items, books, etc).

  • Beesmart 3.1, 3.2, 4.0

    Beenius is an interactive TV Platform that serves different TV service types. From IPTV service with STBs in a managed IP network to OTT service on mobile and/or STB devices, from Linux-based STBs to Android-based STBs and TVs or any combination on the same platform. Furthermore, Beenius offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows customers or partners to develop additional features by themselves, thus quickly extending existing Beenius features.